More remodel updates

All appliances, cabinets and counters have been removed. It’s kind of funny seeing it empty like this! 

Custom cabinets have been ordered and will be arriving in a couple of weeks. Countertop (we decided to go with Silestone) has been ordered.
Rather than a pocket door going from the kitchen to the great room, we blew out that door and expanded the opening.


Definitely opens up the view! You may have noticed something else. The wood planks are gone replaced with drywall. Now we have a big flat angled wall to play with. I will talk about this more later.

Bedroom Atrium
Is GONE. Thank god! That room was pretty useless…and hot as Hades! It will be nice to open up our sliding doors in the master bedroom and step outside onto the deck!


Was a rotting pile of crap.

Deck is being completely replaced over the next two weeks.

Master Bathroom
We were going to leave as is but decided we could not live with the blue tile or the tub.

Neither of us really takes baths, so we are replacing with a very large shower.

Complete with bench!

It’s being tiled this week. This is the limestone tile we picked out:

Things are moving along!

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